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lawrence lessig v3 by zeruch lawrence lessig v3 by zeruch
So this is a few different things:

1. It is a portrait, of legal academic and political activist Lawrence Lessig.

2. It is unusual in that it is one of the few releases I do under a Creative Commons license (since Mr. Lessig is in essence the creator of that set of legal vehicles)

3. I would like to see remixes of this by others (I have several of my own intended for eventual release)

4. Yes, this is quite loud, and I am not totally sold on the color scheme. I went through several, but somehow ended up with this one, and am fully willing to concede it is wholly atypical. But that is not always a bad thing, just an atypical one.

I am a strong advocate of copyright, but I am also a strong advocate of a large and energetic commons. The two are not necessarily at odds with each other (unless you are an intellectually dishonest entity like the MPAA or Disney who claim otherwise). Just like my releases for #resurgere I think releasing this under CC licensing fits the suited audience and context of the subject matter.

This was done initially in mechanical pencil, processed heavily in Inkscape, then some minor tweaks in Illustrator.
Aspis Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I like the colours and the way it was drawn, but the 'find edges' effect kind of ruins it for me.
zeruch Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010  Professional General Artist
The effect only works at the size intended (large) which unfortunately doesn't work here. The idea is that after using the PoTrace function in Inkscape (which itself can take some tweaking to get remotely correct) you then start playing the lineweights and color fills to get something that offers a bold set of forms printed and on a wall.

So even I will admit the results are a little depressing at times. A better example of where similar techniques really worked well at any size was [link]
MegChristineM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
I think this is really cool. The colors are loud, but for some reason it works well with this picture. Perhaps it is because of the individual you have drawn, and what he represents is what makes something as unique as this work. I like it, and as you is atypical, but it is in a good way. :) I like!
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